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“I am so grateful for Tracy.” — Finis Jhung, Author


I am a member of EFA, Editorial Freelancers Assoc., and a Silver Member of The Christian Pen Proofreaders and Editors Network.

  • Tracy Donley

    I have a degree in English, was the editor of my college newspaper, have worked in the writing and editing field in one way or another for a long time. But lots of people can say the same. What makes me different: I love grammar, and spelling, and diagramming lengthy sentences, and most of all, I love helping writing flow smoothly and correctly so that the writer's ideas and voice come through clearly. I am a writer myself, and understand how hard it can be to put your work out there. But remember, written words change us, move us, teach us, transform us. So go ahead and tell your story. You write it. I'll fix it. The result will be a wonderful thing!